Can we still burrow bait?

With the removal of certain label conditions from our products it is right that we turn a critical eye to our products and their labels and start to ask ourselves, […]

Difenacoum and Bromadiolone removed from use

The Directors of CRRU (The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) have unanimously voted to remove the label condition for “Open Area” & “Waste Sites” from labels containing the Second Generation Anticoagulants, Difenacoum and Bromadiolone.

Why is Pest Management Important

Pest management as a whole process is important for a number of reasons which can be covered by the three D’s, prevention of Damage, Diseases and Distress

Pest Managers Networking

Pest Managers Networking is back for 2023!

The Importance of being Present.

Can you guess what I caught on camera in todays #MondayMotivation?
This brief video not only shows some beautiful British Wildlife but also reminds us of the necessity of a thorough Environmental Risk Assessment and the importance of the phrase, “Return often to retrieve rodent carcasses”.

Risky Business

.stk-090a45f .stk-block-heading__text{font-weight:600 !important;font-family:”Lato”,Sans-serif !important}Pest Mag – Oct/Nov 2022

I was always told the best way to remember your hazards from your risks is to consider the following, sharks are hazardous so going for a swim is risky business.

Ten things you wanted to know about pest control revisited, When is a Pest, a Pest?

A pest is any animal which has the capacity to do one or more of the following; cause Damage, spread Disease or trigger Distress. Therefore it is important to note that a pest isn’t just a specific species such as ‘rats’.
A rat in the forest for example isn’t a pest, it is a fundamental part of the ecosystem. However that same rat in a cattle shed becomes a pest when it damages food stores, distresses the livestock and brings the potential for disease transmission.

The Guest Blog with Sean Mooney.

A study I read some time ago indicated that during the daily activity of rodents, over a quarter of their day is spent moving, and 4% of their time is spent foraging for new food (although 18% of their day is spent eating).

So why is it Pest Management is so focused on utilising that 4% behaviour with trying to get them to engage with new baits or edible lures?

Ten things you wanted to know about pest control revisited, Rats and Mice!

Listen below to the third in the series of the interviews with Wade Environmental and a selection of special guests discussing the questions that people genuinely are asking about Pest Management.

Ten things you wanted to know about pest control revisited, Bedbugs!

This Podcast looks at living alongside Bedbugs, but first, I think we need to have the briefest of crash courses in bedbug biology in order to fully appreciate this elusive pest.

Ten things you wanted to know about pest control revisited, pt 1/10

Last year I decided to do an impromptu straw poll. I asked my friends and relatives, who in the largest part have nothing to do with pest control in any
form, what they wanted to know about the industry.

The Guest Blog with Martyn Belcher

The world of bees is fun, fascinating and furthermore becoming a hot topic in the world of Pest Management, where do you stand, are you comfortable to take on work with bee’s, or do you pass it on immediately?

Wade Environmental launches their Job Portal

Wade Environmental is hosting a free to use bulletin board designed to help connect people to companies within the UK.
With this tool companies can expand and you can find exciting new opportunities for growth in this dynamic and challenging industry.

This Simmering Heat

Recent weeks have seen some of the hottest temperatures in living memory for the UK. Temperatures so barbarically hot that many of us haven’t encountered them short of a holiday somewhere only two junctions shy of the surface of the sun, or maybe just the equator.

Rats and Fleas That Spread Disease

We all know rats and mice can be pests and one of the key attributes for falling into this category is their well know ability to harbour and transmit diseases specifically zoonotic diseases. 

So, what is zoonoses?

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Wade Environmental launches Article Podcasts

Wade Environmental launches a range of Podcast materials based on their Published Articles and Interviews.

Wade Environmental – On The Road

The Wade Environmental March On the Road Tour was all about supporting our industries fantastic Trade Associations. The BPCA and NPTA both work tirelessly to make sure that their members are supported and our industry finds a voice.

Sugar and Spice and all things Mice (and Rats)

Winter is a time of year which usually sees rodents coming in from the wilderness and pushing at the peripheries of the areas we are looking to protect.

But what is it the drives their behaviour?  It is all too easy to just pass rodents off as mindless vermin, automaton which do nothing more complicated than react to stimulus in a predictable way.  But anyone who has spent more than a passing moment watching rats and mice knows that this could not be further from the truth.

The IPM Farm, a webinar on behalf of the BPCA (Video)

In this video, Wade Environmental’s Alex Wade talks about the IPM farm: what is it, what does it do and why should you be interested?

This introduction into the IPM Farm covers what we can do to manage pests in rural environments, how we can have the maximum impacts with the minimal costs.