Can we still burrow bait?

With the removal of certain label conditions from our products it is right that we turn a critical eye to our products and their labels and start to ask ourselves, “but, what should I do? And when?”

Burrow baiting is one of those use patterns caught up in this maelstrom of reflection, with many thinking that with these changes there is no place for it anymore. However burrow baiting is and remains one of the more high risk, high reward baiting practises. And is still entirely legal and justified to undertake.

So long as you as the competent person on site can make the survey and justifications (as you do with every treatment) that the rats within those burrows are presenting a clear and tangible danger to the building you are trying to protect then the use of bait in burrows is still entirely applicable.

So burrow baiting, as the very epitome of bringing the poison to the pest, is one of the most effective baiting strategies when dealing with species such as R.norvegicus. But there are still limitations, how do you recover bait that hasn’t been consumed at the end of treatment? How do you ensure non-target animals such as small mammals and birds don’t chase down the tunnels in order to opportunistically feed? What happens when it rains and surface water comes into contact with baits?

There are significant risks associated with the use of baits in burrows, and in a time where environmental awareness is causing us to reevaluate our tool box and the ways in which we use them it is of paramount importance to ensure that we take all steps necessary to mitigate these risks.

But every so often a little bit of low tech placed in the right way can have significant impacts on how we achieve our goals, and most importantly how safely we achieve them too.

The Wade Environmental product development program worked with 1ENV to product an affordable and easy to use solution to place and remove bait from burrows whilst ensuring that it is afforded limited protection for the environment and non target animals.

Available to buy through 1ENV there has already been significant positive feedback, such as the following statement from the Director of Forest of Dean Pest Control,

“As an environmentally conscious individual, I can confidently say that Wade Environmental has crafted an exceptional addition to the toolbox that is destined to revolutionize the field…”

“…This exceptional addition to the toolbox encapsulates their innovative spirit, environmental consciousness, and unwavering commitment to excellence. With its unrivaled performance, and sustainability features, the Bait Star is a game-changer in the world of environmental preservation.”

Forest of Dean Pest Control

Follow the link here to find out how to trial some of your own and let us know of any feedback!

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