Ten things you wanted to know about pest control revisited, Rats and Mice!

Listen below to the third in the series of the interviews with Wade Environmental and a selection of special guests discussing the questions that people genuinely are asking about Pest Management.

Ten things you wanted to know about pest control revisited, Bedbugs!

This Podcast looks at living alongside Bedbugs, but first, I think we need to have the briefest of crash courses in bedbug biology in order to fully appreciate this elusive pest.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Why should anyone listen to you, and how can you justify charging what you do? How do we therefore prove we are indeed professionals? We can show we have our qualifications, but what does this mean to the average person?

A Future Without Rodenticides

Before you roll your eyes and flip past this thinking this is another article beating Professional Pest Management over the head with a stick, then stop. Its not. What I want to ask however is this. What happens if our fears do come to pass? It is after all a constant anxiety for our industry. That fear that one day our luck will run dry and a decision will be made that stops us from being able to use rodenticides.

Sticks and stones may break bones, but this could really hurt us

Animal welfare should be of paramount concern to all pest management professionals. It is not just a case of what we use, but how we use it which distinguishes a pest control program.

Wade Environmental launches Article Podcasts

Wade Environmental launches a range of Podcast materials based on their Published Articles and Interviews.