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Resistance Guidelines

The latest guidelines from the UK Rodenticide Resistance Action Committee

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Rodenticides LD50 Comparison Chart

Chart brought to you by Wade Environmental

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Knowledge Exchange Forum

In need of help from another industry? Check out the Knowledge Exchange Forum for experts in your area to assist you

Job Portal

Looking to start a career in Pest Management? Or Looking to find your newest Technician? Click Below to find out more!

Open Source Projects

WE need your help. Want to assist with ongoing research and development projects?
See the list of ongoing and active projects

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Pest ID & Technical Documents

Want some help explaining to your clients why this years wasps aren?t just the same as last years wasps?

WE have a range of documents which you can use to train your staff and engage with your clients


Product Manufacturers Labels

A list of labels and MSDs provided by the manufacturers of the products
If you want your company listed please contact us


Product Authorization Databases

Review these links to keep up to date with any regulatory changes