Ten things you wanted to know about pest control revisited, When is a Pest, a Pest?

A pest is any animal which has the capacity to do one or more of the following; cause Damage, spread Disease or trigger Distress. Therefore it is important to note that a pest isn’t just a specific species such as ‘rats’.
A rat in the forest for example isn’t a pest, it is a fundamental part of the ecosystem. However that same rat in a cattle shed becomes a pest when it damages food stores, distresses the livestock and brings the potential for disease transmission.

Ten things you wanted to know about pest control revisited, Rats and Mice!

Listen below to the third in the series of the interviews with Wade Environmental and a selection of special guests discussing the questions that people genuinely are asking about Pest Management.

Beating Sherlock Holmes at his own game

Do you know the difference between Seeing something, and Observing it? Although these may seem like synonyms and the distinction to be a trite one, the concept of seeing over observing was best described by Arthur Conan Doyle with his character Sherlock Holmes

It’s a Mouse Not a Bengal Tiger

Mid 2020 during the hullabaloo that was the second UK lockdown, I saw a tweet, and to this day it haunts me still. It was in reply to a person getting a quote from a Pest Management Company regarding the price of a mouse treatment for their property. How much?! Its a mouse, not a f*cking Bengal Tiger The ridiculous thing however, is that the price being quoted wasnt that high.

Ask the Expert (Article)

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There’s Nothing Evil About Me (Article)

To start, we must understand that to be humane is to show compassion and benevolence when faced with a situation, which places us in pest management in a quandary.