Ask the Expert (Article)

The latest issue of PEST Magazine, October/November Issue

Ask the Expert

In the latest issue of PEST magazine I have a look back with a mind to look forward. Have a little sneak peak below and read the whole thing (as well as my Q&A section)

“In literature the Deus ex Machina is a plot device where an unsolvable problem is suddenly resolved by an implausible event, like when the character who goes missing in the opening scenes of the horror movie returns to save the day at the last moment. So what is our Deus ex Machina, or rather should that be, Mus ex Machina?

Over the last couple of years, we could be forgiven for being under the impression that weve been living through some kind of bizarre movie ourselves. We have seen our industry thrown into a series of spins, not just with the Covid-19 pandemic but with the seemingly inexorable loss of products and product use patterns.

The changes, the losses, they very much feel like a constant cloud of doom and gloom hanging over our industry. In this, one of the last technical pieces of 2021, I would like to not just look at the things weve lost as an industry, but more importantly some of the things weve gained as well as those we so often overlook but should really consider.”

Click here to read (skip to page 10).

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