Annual Prize Giveaway, Celebrating 1000 Followers

Annual Prize Giveaway sponsored by Wade Environmental

In anticipation of a milestone 1000 followers on LinkedIn in less than a year of operation (just 3 to go at the time of writing this) Wade Environmental has the following announcement and prize to share with you.

Below is a photo of me and my father Jonathan Wade, it may not be the most professional photograph (it almost certainly is not) but it is one that brings me a tremendous amount of joy. We had just spent the day building, fixing and wiring and generally getting under each others feet. But looking at this photo makes me realise what an utter privilege is its to been able to work for and alongside my Father now for well over a decade. Sometimes we would get on like a house on fire, other times it was more like we were trying to set the house of fire. But all throughout this the support, advice and mentorship I have received through working with him has been phenomenal.

This companionship and support has been something I wish to share and instil into others in our industry, and so starting in 2022 and continuing every year after, Wade Environmental will select and sponsor a Son or Daughter in a family based team or business through the Royal Society for Public Health level 2 Pest Management Award and its subsequent exam so that they too can embark onto a journey I myself feel so privileged to have undertaken.

We will collect nominations (either from yourself or for a team you feel to be worthy) throughout November and December 2021 and release the result in a live random draw in January. WE hope you all apply, or if not but know of someone who does then share this post and tag them in it to let them know to enter!

Entries are super easy, and can be made either through the contact form on the Web page or directly to my email address. All you need to do is provide a little information as to who you and your parent/offspring are and why you think you should be in the running for the draw.

Alex Wade and Jonathan Wade