Latest Past Events

Advanced Rodent Biology

How about your rats from your voles? Or your field mouse from dormouse?
In this full day lecture we will have a look at what makes some rodents pests, whilst others arent. We will be having a look at the fantastic biological adaptations in rodents which has made these animals mans closest, but worst friend, for the past 10,000 years.

Advanced Insect Biology

Ever wondered how insects, exist? How can something with no bones walk around? What on earth is that jelly inside them? Do they even have lungs??!
This day long course will look into the specifics of Insect Biology, how they function, live, reproduce and ultimately how the chemicals and processes we apply in pest control effect them.

Species Spotlight – Flies

This course builds on the fundamentals discussed in previous lectures, and focuses on the most commonly found pest species of flies both large and small, their biology behaviour and control techniques.