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WE offers personal, professional and product services for the Public Health and Pest Management Industries. From professional pest control training to product development and testing.

WE is an independently owned consultancy business, founded in 2020. WE is a registered consultant and member of the British Pest Controllers Association (BPCA) and is fully insured to undertake and provide technical advice for the Pest Management Industry. Our services can be customised to your specific business needs.

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Our Vision

The goal of Wade Environmental is to
support you and your company in all
aspects of your business.

Whether you are a Sole Trader or a Trade
Association, Wade Environmental is
dedicated to supporting your business and
adding value to your service.

WE achieve only with the highest standards
of professionalism and diligence with an
accessible and approachable attitude.


About us

Our Faculty

Wade Environmental operates a private insect rearing and bench testing facility designed to thoroughly test new and existing products. Our facility is designed to support testing from proof of concept, marketing claims or regulatory submission.

Field testing

Wade Environmental promotes close partnerships with Pest Management, Agricultural and Local Businesses ensuring that it has ample testing sites for new products, procedures and protocols.

We ensure that products entering the market achieve their maximal potential.


Our Personal and Professional Development programs are Nationwide.

We can train staff in-house, raising client awareness or simply assisting with problem sites. Training schedules and programs scheduled to fit a time and location for your business.

Meet the Team

Alex Wade of Wade Environmental standing with a tractor

Alexander Wade

Alex started his career in the Pest Management Industry working for PelGar International in 2006. In 2008 he took on the role of Laboratory Manager then later in 2015 took over the management of the Church Farm Training Centre.

During this time Alex has sat on advisory committees for the BPCA, RRAG, RRAC and CRRU.

In 2020 Alex founded Wade Environmental, dedicated to providing impartial technical advice to the whole industry.

Dr. Jonathan Wade of Wade Environmental receiving BPCA Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Jonathan Wade

JO was the Technical Director of PelGar International for over 20 years until his recent retirement. 

JO was given an honorary lectorate from the Liverpool School Of Tropical Medicine following from his Doctorate in Tropical Medicine and Entomology. 

JO worked for ICI-Zeneca Pest Control in the Middle East, heading numerous projects and vector control campaigns.  More recently he was the recipient of the BPCA’s first Lifetime Achievement Award and has been bestowed with an honorary Lifetime Membership.

British Pest Management Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

Read the full interview with Dr. Jonathan Wade and see the video of his reaction to receiving this award

In late 2020 JO came out of retirement to become a Technical Director of Wade Environmental.

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